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Indica Marijuana Strain

Indica is a primary marijuana strain type known to be calming and relaxing.

Sativa Marijuana Strain

Sativa is a primary marijuana strain type known to be energizing and cerebral.

Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Hybrids are a primary marijuana strain type that live between indicas and sativas.

Best Weed Strains

We have the world’s largest top strain medical marijuana buds and seeds in the USA and Canada. Or shipping services are worldwide. So you want to buy weed, but past experiences have made you think it is impossible for you to find quality weed at a good price. Whether it was a shady dealer or synthetic marijuana bought in a gas station, we all have plenty of reasons to be picky about where we buy our weed.

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The medical and recreational marijuana industry in Canada and the United States is growing at a rapid pace.Hello Ganja strives to be apart of this community that is growing to help people medicate naturally by supplying strains of the highest quality at the best current market prices. 

We take pride in our supply chain and take pride in serving complete discretion and satisfaction to our clients. Buy weed online or feel free to chat with our friendly budtenders who would be glad to assist you with any questions on our strains or products.


Alfa Marijuana Shop Real Cannabis Testimonials. 

Since beginning Medical Marijuana my life has improved so very much! It has lessened my pain and my anxiety/panic attacks have virtually disappeared! Also, it used to take me 2-3 hours at night to fall asleep because my mind would just be overload.

Sarah Jones
Interior Designer

Medical marijuana gave me my life back. I developed neurological atypical facial pain in September 2016. Two neurologists had no idea what was wrong with me, but a third diagnosed my condition. 

Jessica Foxx

I purchased a half-gram of Pineapple Kush sauce by Alfa marijuana. At the first glance, its appearance is bright yellow, like juice. Its physical form has a sugary, granular-like consistency on top but a little moister all around.

Briana Luke

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Consider marijuana delivery: it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get high-quality cannabis at a reasonable price. Alfa Marijuana offers you more than just weed; this online service allows you to select the best organic products with cannabis and to get them delivered to your home or office.