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AK 47 Weed Strain

AK-47 mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, bringing together a complex blend of flavors and effects. While AK-47’s scent is sour and earthy, AK 47 Weed Strain, its sweet floral notes, can only fully realize in the taste.

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About this AK-47 Hybrid Strain

When it comes to classic strains, few can touch the legendary status of AK-47 Marijuana Strain. This Sativa-dominant hybrid Buy AK-47 weed Strain Online. This has a staple of medical and AK-47 Cannabis Strain recreational users alike for nearly three decades.

Its buds are usually dense and form cone shapes. AK 47 Weed Strain should sprout a lot of orange hairs to complement its light evergreen color. Flowers should exude heavy notes of fresh soil and flower petals, with a twinge of bitterness. It’s won several Cannabis Cup awards from growers the world over.

Use Buy AK-47 Strain Online for an array of debilitating conditions but be sure to try it for its cerebral effects. AK-47’s high is markedly uplifting and joyous, much like waking up from a Zen meditation. Cannabis connoisseurs seek out AK-47 for its ability to stimulate creativity. The body high is relatively subtle, but it can create a tingly feeling under the skin.

AK-47 is notorious for causing dry mouth, so be prepared. Red eyes,  AK-47 Cannabis Strain lightheadedness, and even paranoia can accompany higher doses.

This strain grows best indoors and has a short flowering time of 55-60 days.


Serious Seeds bred Buy AK-47 Strain Online from several mainstay landraces:

South American, AK-47 Marijuana Strain Thai, Afghani, and Mexican cultivars. The result is a plant that consistently churns out THC levels between 15-20% and CBD and CBN levels reaching as high as 1% each.

AK-47 Marijuana Strain

THC: 13% – 20%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

Despite the ferocious name, AK-47 is a relaxing and mellowing strain. Although it is Sativa dominant strain that packs a 65:35 Sativa / Indica ratio; you can look forward to a long-lasting cerebral buzz upon your first few tokes. The fusion of Thai, Mexican, Grandaddy Purple Afghani, and Colombian varieties make AK-47 Cannabis Strain scent strong and sour. In addition to its vivid lime green color, you can expect to see long and sticky orange hairs once you get your hands on this amazing bud. Patients favor this strain because of its ability to alleviate pain and induce relaxation; so if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, or pain, Pineapple Express Weed this strain is for you! Buy AK-47 Strain Online can walk the walk for the reputation that it has given. This strain has won many awards for its high THC content including the Cannabis Cup.

AK 47 Weed Strain

AK-47 mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, bringing together a complex blend of flavors and effects. While AK-47 Cannabis Strain scent is sour and earthy, AK 47 Weed Strain its sweet floral notes can only fully realize in the taste.

Created in 1992 by Serious Seeds. This AK 47 Weed Strain has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards around the world for its soaring THC content. For those hoping to fill their gardens with this adhesive, skunky hybrid, growers recommend an indoor environment with either soil or hydroponic setups. AK-47 is easy to grow and has a short indoor flowering time of just 53 to 63 days, while outdoor plants typically finish toward the end of October.


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