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Feminized Cannabis Seeds K-Train Feminized is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..

Feminized K-Train Marijuana Seeds

K-Train is a feminized indica Cannabis strain feminized K-Train Marijuana developed by going across Trainwreck as well as OG Kush. It retains the features of both parents such as relaxing buildings from the Kush and also a curious state of alertness from Trainwreck.

This specimen provides a relatively stable and also fast-acting feminized K-Train Marijuana impact as good indica it is. After smoking cigarettes, you will undoubtedly relax yet at the same with the will of doing innovative tasks. It also medicinally made use of to treat anxiety as well as physical discomforts.

It has an exciting flavor with a coffee Seeds K train feminized and chocolate background feminized K-Train Marijuana or pear and guava to the beautiful and earthy preference with a black licorice background.

The flowering time of K-Train lasts nine weeks inside or until early October (north hemisphere) on outdoors. If you prepare to grown inside remember that is ideal for SCRoG or LST (a method is consisting of folding the suggestion of the plant to achieve its upright growth without triggering stress).

The plants are straightforward to grow and feminized K-Train Marijuana also provides bountiful plants. You will certainly be able to obtain returns of as much as 1000 grams per plant in the garden, and even as much as 800 grams per square meter in a living space.

It is a mix of Trainwreck as well as OG Kush Seeds K train feminized: it has a solid structure and long branches launching a scent regular of the Kush with a particular taste.

  1. Features of K-Train Marijuana:
  2. Feminized
  3. Indoor/Outdoor
  4. Genotype: Indica
  5. THC: 22.69%.
  6. CBD: 0.3%.
  7. Genes: Trainwreck x OG Kush.
  8. Blooming: 9 weeks (indoor) or early October feminized K-Train Marijuana (outdoor – north hemisphere).


Taste Complex
Type Índica
Flowering Average
Medical level Very medicinal
Power High
Yield High
Height Small
Ease of growing Average


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