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However, feminized cannabis seeds have one small drawback: Some varieties tend to become hermaphroditic under excessive stress (too dry, too wet, light during the dark phase, etc.).

Sensible Seed Mix

Made by slow roasting raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds with the highest quality cannabutter and sea salt. This is a sugar-free, natural, buy Sensible Seed Mix and very portable for any occasion. Here you will find feminized cannabis seeds. Unlike regular cannabis seeds, feminized marijuana seeds only produce female plants. Most growers prefer this type of cannabis seed because they do not like having male plants in their garden. Many breeders only produce feminized seeds. They are easy to handle and preferred by many customers. Often, feminized cannabis seeds of one variety produce more homogeneous, i.e. more uniform, Buy Sensible Seed Mix plants than the same variety of regular marijuana seeds.


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