Key Lime Pie Strain


If you’re looking for a strain that’s as equally amazing in both flavor and effects, look no further than the Key Lime Pie strain. It can help in relaxation, focus, and providing a bit of euphoria (which we all could use every now and then). Key Lime Pie also tastes, of course, like a key lime pie- with flowery and citrusy undertones mixed in.
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What Is the Key Lime Pie Strain?

Key Lime Pie Strain comes from Burning Bush Nurseries and is often marketed as a ‘gourmet’ phenotype of GSC. It is an indica-dominant (75%) hybrid chosen for its heavy resin production. It offers users a cavalcade of scents and flavors that are a weed lover’s delight.
GSC in itself has produced a variety of phenotypes such as Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint, and scores of strains such as Wedding Cake weed, also come from this memorable strain. In any case, we would advise newbies to tread carefully when trying this potent strain.


Many users are extremely surprised when they get a sweet, earthy diesel tint from this strain. As the name suggests, you also get a sweet, lime-like scent, but it isn’t as apparent as you might think.


Key Lime Pie is a smooth smoke and offers a sweet, earthy, floral taste. Once again, you get hints of lime flavors with a citrus note, but it isn’t as fruity as you would hope for. Ultimately, it provides an earthy undertone.


Key Lime Pie is a gorgeous-looking strain with a wide array of colors. Aside from the obvious healthy green color, the nugs are orange and purple and covered in glistening crystals. It gets even better when you break a nug open because you can see wonderful bright colors such as pink and blue tints in a weed strain that is just begging to be smoked.

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